Saturday, October 3, 2009

Call for LDTPv2 (Linux Desktop Testing Project) testing

We are in the process of migrating all our existing LDTP API based on CSPI (LDTPv1) to pyatspi (LDTPv2).

LDTPv2 framework was written by "Eitan Isaacson". Thanks to eeejay :)

In VMware, we have tested the LDTPv2 API's. Thanks to Ranjith Murugan, Gaurav Sharma, Anupa Kamath for verifying them.

I'm sure still there are some pending API's which has to implemented or some API's which are not compatible with LDTPv1 in LDTPv2. I request to all the users, to verify LDTPv2 in their test environment and report any issues you found. We have tested on Ubuntu 9.04 with Python 2.6. It will be nice, if you could test it on Python 2.4 / 2.5 / 3.0 as well.

New LDTPv2 dependency - twisted-python-web package.

Access LDTPv2 source through git: git:// or ssh:// or

Browse the LDTPv2 source online -

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mago – Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

Ara Pulido will be presenting Mago in Gran Canaria Desktop summit. Eitan Isaacson will also be attending the conference.

Eitan has done all the base ground work for LDTPv2. Eitan also did the ground work with Javier and Ara on Mago too :) alrounder !!!

Any one interested in GNOME / KDE automated testing, I recommend you to attend the session by Ara.

Happy hacking Ara, Eitan.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Racetrack Repository

Racetrack is a designed to store and display the results of automated tests. At VMware, over 2,000,000 test results have been stored in Racetrack Repository. Over 25 different teams use the repository to report results. It has a very simple data model, just three basic tables. ResultSet (stores information about a set of tests (Product, Build, etc.) Result, which stores information about the testcase itself, and ResultDetail, which stores the details of each verification performed within the test. ResultDetails also include screenshots and log files, make it easy for the triage engineer to determine the cause of the failure.
We are very excited to offer Racetrack to the public as an Open Source project. It offers complete visibility on test results to the organization, much more than Pass/Fail. QA Engineers, Developers, QA Managers, Project Managers all find it useful to quickly see the results of Basic Acceptance Tests, available within an hour of the build completing. Racetrack Triage Report makes it easy to see the number of defects found by a set of tests, and the number of failures caused by Product Changes, and Script failures. By adding a reference to your Bugzilla and Build systems, you can easily provide links directly from Racetrack to a defect or a build information page. The Web Services API is already part of the package, and SilkTest and Java APIs will be added shortly.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Announce: Linux Desktop Testing Project 1.6.0 released


Progress bar verification
Layered pane (For nautilus drag and drop testing,
will be used for VMware Workstation automation)

Bug fixes:

578609 - LDTP should use LOGNAME instead of (or in addition to) USER
553747 - cannot click window itself
579027 - onwindowcreate expects a _NON_ stripped window title
575120 - component should have a getrole() method (
573103 - ldtpeditor could not find glade file ''
547572 - Components should be exposed in a hierarchical way

Special thanks to Willi Walker, Anupa Kamath ,
Ara Pulido, Sandro Millien , Guofu Xu,
Szilárd Pfeiffer

Download Source from here
Solaris package from Sparc / x86
Binary (openSUSE / Ubuntu / Fedora / Debian / RHEL /
CentOS / Mandriva) from here

Eitan Isaacson has started LDTPv2, a complete rewrite of LDTP
in python using pyatspi, soon this will be available through
ldtp.fd.o git repository. For now you can access them from here

Friday, March 13, 2009

Announce: Linux Desktop Testing Project 1.5.1 released

LDTP 1.5.1 is mainly a bug fix release

* Bug 574791 – ldtputils.captureimage() ignores coordinate arguments
* Bug 574793 – Use wnck to get window id instead of LTFX (digwin)
* Bug 574787 – LDTP package is not installing correctly
* Bug 574789 – getwindowlist (and others?) don't handle utf8 well

Special thanks to Eitan Isaacson, Ara Pulido and Michael Terry

Source / Binary / Solaris package

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Announce: Linux Desktop Testing Project 1.5.0 released

Whats new in this release:

Log all failures and take screenshot on each failure - b.g.o # 567589
Create default log file in /tmp/ldtp-$USER
Screenshot using pygtk, instead of ImageMagick import, when possible
Added new api - appundertest

Bug fixes:

b.g.o # 566048
bugs.fd.o # 19813

Special thanks to Ara Pulido and others as well:

Lijun Huang
Guofu Xu
Nathan Samson

LDTP news:

GNOME Desktop Testing Project uses LDTP
Automated Tests For Anjuta

Download source tarball
Binary (openSUSE / Ubuntu / Fedora / Debian / RHEL / CentOS / Mandriva) - openSUSE build service