Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Random updates

* Moved from emacs to MonoDevelop for my Mono development ! I started liking it very much, few random crashes happen, when accessibility is enabled in GTK layer. I should log a bug on them (soon).
* LDTP packages are now available for Debian, Ubuntu apart from OpenSuSE, Fedora, Mandriva. Thanks to Karik Mistry :)
* Under Mono System.Data API compatibility is 97% in 2.0 profile, now targeting 99% within this month end. Me and Varadhan will be working on this target.
* Updated the work system from OpenSUSE 10.2 to 10.3, Its awesome !!!
* Canceled the flat that booked in Bangalore.
* Dobey's a11y-test-suite rpm are available for download here. A sample output of gedit available for 2.16 and for 2.20. You can use this to test any GNOME / Mozilla application.


fallout said...

I have a ADO.NET 2.0 SybaseClient driver that I have converted from the 1.1 Mono.Data.SybaseClient driver. I took the sources from the mono class libraries and modified them to be based on the System.Data.Common.Db* abstract classes. I would like to give this driver back to the community (it now seems to work, at least with ASE 12.5.1), but I am unaware how and I would like to provide substantial unit tests with it to ensure that it does actually work (I have been having substantial problems with the Sybase.Data.AseClient provided from Sybase). I have moved files around and am compiling it from VS2005 in the MS .NET framework, but there is no reason it shouldn't compile straight under Mono (some class files would actually need to be removed because they exist in Mono but not in .NET and so I had to copy them into my solution as well, ex. Mono.Security.*).

How should I go about doing this? Originally I had thought to set up on Google code or something as a intermediate place between my local repository and the mono source tree proper and once I had gotten the library back into the same structure that mono has I could submit a patchset to some bug, but I don't really know because it would be a rather large patchset with quite a bit worth reviewing, if it is even wanted.

Nagappan said...

You can post the patch in mono-dev mailing list or send it to me 'anagappan at novell dot com'.