Thursday, September 4, 2008

Announce: Linux Desktop Testing Project 1.3.0 released

Cool new features "Generation of OO based LDTP code" and "Generation of * in window title" by Shreyank Gupta. Both the features were implemented in LDTP Editor code base. Thanks for his contribution.

Other interesting things to share about this release:
* Ubuntu QA team has adopted LDTP as their testing tool. Thanks to Ara and his team members, supporting LDTP, with good number of bug reports and feature suggestions :)
* VMware Workstation and Player automation are done using LDTP ! Thanks to Shang Wang, Gaurav Sharma, Ranjith Murugan for their contributions
* From IBM, Germany, Philipp Wagner has filed couple of intersting bugs, which were very critical. With his reports, he was able to automate Thunderbird, Gantt chart using LDTP.

Thanks to Kartik Mistry for updating the Debian packages, Ara Pulido and his team for updating Ubuntu packages, Navtej Singh for updating Gentoo packages.

You can download binary / source code from here

Supported binaries: RHEL5.x - CentOS 5.x - Ubuntu 7.04/7.10/8.04 - OpenSuSE 10.2/10.3/11.0/Factory - SLE10 - Fedora 8/9 - Madriva 2007/2008 - Debian Etch. Credit goes to OpenSuSE build service team !!!

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Wallace Owen said...

I've been trying to get up-to-speed on using ldtp, and have come up against a stone wall: The documentation talks of appmapp as though it were something I would have in my path if I had ldtp installed on my computer. But I don't have it. When I try to look at the AppMap page on the ldtp site, it looks like it's under construction. Any clues for me? I'm signed up on the ldtp site. I couldn't find anything about mailing lists so I'm posting this here. My email is owen _at_ metamachine _dot_ com. Any help greatly appreciated.