Thursday, May 23, 2013

[Ann]: Cobra 3.5 - Windows GUI test automation tool

New features:
* ooldtp python client
* Support setting text on combo box
* Added simple command line options
* Support state.editable in hasstate
* Handle valuepattern in click API
* Support ToolBar type on click
* Write to log file if environment variable is set (set LDTP_LOG_FILE=c:\ldtp.log)
* Support control type Table, DataItem in Tree implementation
* Added scrollbar as supported type

New API:
* MouseMove
* setcellvalue
* guitimeout
* oneup
* onedown
* oneleft
* oneright
* scrollup
* scrolldown
* scrollright
* scrollleft

Bugs fixed:
* Fix to support taskbar with consistent index
* istextstateenabled API
* Fallback to object state enabled if value pattern is not available
* Fix to support InvokePattern on Open button
* Use width, height if provided while capturing screenshot
* Work around for copying text to clip board
* QT 5.0.2 specific changes
* Check errno attribute to support cygwin environment
* Fix keyboard APIs with new supported key controls (+, -, :, ;, ~, `, arrow up, down, right, left)
* Don't grab focus if type is tab item

Java client:
* Fixed selectRow arguments
* Fixed compilation issues
Python client:
* Fix optional argument issue in doesrowexist
C# client:
* Added new APIs (scrollup, scrolldown, scrollleft, scrollright, oneup, onedown, oneleft, oneright)
Ruby/Perl client: No changes


Nagappan Alagappan, John Yingjun Li, Helen Wu, Eyas Kopty, VMware colleagues

Please spread the word and also share your feedback with us (email me).

About LDTP:

Cross Platform GUI Automation tool Linux version is LDTP, Windows version is Cobra and Mac version is PyATOM.

* Linux version is known to work on GNOME / KDE (QT >= 4.8) / Java Swing / LibreOffice / Mozilla application on all major Linux distribution.
* Windows version is known to work on application written in .NET / C++ / Java / QT on Windows XP SP3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 development version.
* Mac version is currently under development and verified only on OS X Lion. Where ever PyATOM runs, LDTP should work on it.

Download source / binary (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8)
System requirement: .NET 3.5, refer README.txt after installation

Documentation references: For detailed information on LDTP framework and latest updates visit

LDTP API doc / Java doc
Report bugs

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