Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hello World to Tinderbox...

sp2hari (Harishankaran)

Installed solaris neveda_55 finally. Configured network after struggling a little bit. Had to install new softwares. Taggy gave me the this link. And this one was also very useful. So within a matter of 5 mins, i installed most of the softwares i might need.

As such i had three main things to do in Solaris according to the mail Emily Chen sent me. They are

1. Read about tinderbox setup from .

2. Sun Studio 11
On Solaris, Sun Studio is used to build Firefox, not gcc, so have to install Sun Studio.

3. Set up CBE (Common Build Environment)

Still network configuration has few glitches. I have to enter the DNS entries every time i reboot the system. And even though i have configured it to activate on boot, the Ethernet card has to manually activated after every time. This is strange since, i have a file called hostname.rtls0 in / (which should activate the Ethernet card on boot )

Anyways now it is time to say Hello World to Tinderbox :P.


Justin Dolske said...

Maybe it's just a typo in your blog post, but the hostname.rtls0 file should go in /etc, not /.

Harishankaran said...

hey it is / :(
maybe that's why it is not working. Will try copying the file to /etc

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