Saturday, June 9, 2007

SOC report ...

My SoC is going fine and great. Hoping to finish this well ahead of time:) This is a blog + report :)

So i have started with Automation of Firefox.
For the current status of all the test cases i have mentioned here, check this link

The categories under which i have written test cases till now are
1. Firefox 3.0 :: SmokeTests :: Functionality
Most of the test cases in this category are done. certain test cases which are yet to be done are marked as TODO in the status page.

2. Firefox 2.0 :: Basic Functional Tests :: Help
This is a really small category, with just two cases. Both of them working fine, but have to check the closewindow() function which didn't close the help window.

3. Firefox 2.0 :: Basic Functional Tests :: Options (Preferences)
Have done almost all the test cases. There is again a small issue in this. The objects shown in the preferences window are list-items whose parent is a list. We tried to copy the code for combobox for list but it didn't work. Have to add functions specific for list in list.c

4. Firefox 2.0 :: Basic Functional Tests :: Printing
This had bug in the print preview option. The CPU just hangs and processor takes 100% load . This bug is already reported in .

5. Firefox 2.0 :: Basic Functional Tests :: Location bar
Works perfectly. Had to use LTFX functions activatewin and typekey .

6. Firefox 2.0 :: Basic Functional Tests :: Popup and Annoyance Blocking
Most of the test cases have been automated. Testing Java and Javascript is a small issue in this.

Some of the important categories which i have started tesing and is in near completion are
2. MenuBar
3. RSS
4. Downloading
5. Addons Manager

Finally, the code for the above tests can be found here.
Finally one small and interesting thing ;-). The icon which shows that the loading of a page ( the circular thing which rotates while a page is loading) is a push button :-) . Was really surprised when i noticed it :P. No clue why is it that way ;)


A.K. Topal said...

In the past the throbber was linked to the homepage of the browser, so I guess the link was taken out, but not the pushbutton.

Harishankaran said...

hmmm, i never knew it had a link. Any idea what version of firefox had that ?

Martijn said...

Hi, this looks interesting.
How do I get the code working?
I don't see any description/tutorial describing that.

Harishankaran said...

@martijn : thanks for reminding, the next post is for you :)

A.K. Topal said...

I can't check right now, but I guess that at least 1.0 still had it.

justdave said...

I don't think Firefox ever had it, but the same code is used by Netscape, which has their little blue/green animated N thing in the corner instead of the spinner, and goes to Netscape's page when you click it. Mozilla Suite still had the blue M/red lizard animation in that spot before it was discontinued.