Monday, June 11, 2007

Mozilla's visit to Sun China Engineer and Research Institute

By Emily Chen

On May 30th, we were happy to invite Mozilla people Mike, Li Gong and Johnny to visit Sun Beijing office. Alfred Peng organized this meeting, he also write a very detail blog about this meeting.

I am happy to had a chance to talk about the QE work we did in this meeting. The slides of Sun Browser team is posted here.I mainly talked about our QE work from three points:

1. Work on Litmus

In the past, Sun Mozilla testing work are relatively independent with Mozilla community. We have our own test tool -- Aptest, we have our own bug system -- Bugster. During last year, we made some changes to our testing process. Generally speaking, we work more closely with Mozilla community. We switch from Aptest to Litmus, from Bugster to Bugzilla. Now we got the administrator account of Litmus, we also contribute test cases in Litmus, especially on the accessibility test cases. Litmus is a really good open source test tool, we also use Litmus to do Testday.

2. Organize the Testday/Bugday in China

We promote Testday in China. The time for Testday organized by Mozilla community are not suitable for Chinese people, so we organized a special Testday in China. In order to promote Testday, we gave presentation in China university. This attract interests of some students, so we invited some of the students come to Sun ERI office and launch a Testday in ERI office. Mozilla QA are also gave a great support to our China Testday. Till now, we launched two Testday in China: Firefox 2.0 FFT and Firefox RC on Solaris Neveda.

For the Bugday, most of our team will attend the Mozilla Bugday session, Sun Mozilla developer also join Bugday. Every week, we will spend at least 2 hours to attend Bugday, triaging bugs and either confirming or closing them, moving them into the right component. Thanks for Tomcat, Tracy walker's help, they add a Solaris bug list as the second topic in Bugday. The number of Solaris bugs decreased every week. We also help review bugs on other platform. Here I take the opportunity to appreciate the help from Mozilla QA team, especially, Tim Riley, Tomcat, Tracy, Jay, Chris Cooper, Marcia Knous etc. Thanks for their help and support.

3. Automation Test Development

About automation testing tool, we mainly use Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP), Dogtail and Orca test tools. This year, Nagappan and I proposed a project in Google summer of code under Mozilla organization, developing automation test for Firefox using LDTP and integrated automation test cases into Firefox Tinderbox on Solaris. This project start from May, will complete in August. Then we will using the automation test case into Tinderbox.

After the launch, Li Gong invite us to visit Mozilla China office.It is about 300 m2. Mozilla China plan to hire 10 people and most of them will do marketing work, especially working on the relationship with government and bank. There will be no cubicle for each employee, instead, there will be sofa and chairs, everyone are supposed to use laptop in this office. Sounds like a coffee bar! Li Gong also invite us to Mozilla China office whenever we want good coffee or chat with him.

Meeting with Mozilla people was a big success, we have lots of actions to do after the meeting.It is a great experience to talk with Mozilla people and understand Mozilla's culture. Mozilla community is a great community full of enthusiastic and smart people, I am happy to work and learn from them.

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